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General Medical Checkup

Why don't you examine your whole body with our professional staffs and the improved equipment to keep up your health. We provide two kinds of medical checkup plan, one-day plan and two-day plan. Don't you overestimate your own health, saying "I'm confident in my vitality" or "I don't have any symptoms right now". Still, there is a good possibility that those people have some kind of disease. You need to acquire accurate information on your own health. Also, if turned forty, an annual medical checkup is recommended. It is a healthy body that supports a indispensable life, we strongly recommend our "General Medical Checkup" plan for your peaceful everyday life.
Our original special medical checkup plan!
With the latest medical equipments!
In the relaxing atmosphere
The entrance of the medical checkup center The reception desk

The waiting room

The endoscopy room MRI exam CT exam
Audiometric test
A private room for staying

A private room for staying

A private room for staying

A private room for staying


Sapporo Higashi Tokushukai Hospital
Yozo Shimizu
Our medical checkup center make the most of the high-level medical equipments in Hokkaido and put great emphasis on the prevention of a life-style related disease, which is recommended by the ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. We have a few checkup courses specialized for cardiology, gastroenterology, neurosurgery, etc., which enable us to detect a disease early. Our experienced staffs will do their best to find out diseases hard to detect and to provide specialized treatment for them. Please let us help you check up your health.

Table of contents of the General Medical examination

Contents One-day plan A One-day plan B Two-day plan
Somatometry Interview Sheet, height, weight, obesity (BMI), girth of the abdomen
Eyesight test、Audimetri test (1000Hz、4000Hz), blood pressure measurement
Biochemistry Liver function(GOT、GPT、γ-GTP、LDH、TP、ALB、T-BLD、D-BIL)
Pancreas function(AMY)
Renal function(BUN、CRE、Uricacid)
Carbohydrate metabolism(GLU、HbA1c)
Immune system Inflamatory reaction(CRP、RA)
Infectious diseases(TPHA、RPR、HBs-Ag、HBs-Ab、HCV-Ab)
Tumor marker CEA、CA19-9、PSA(Only men)CA125(Only woman)
General blood test Leukocyte, Erythrocyte, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit,
Blood type
(Only as for the first time)
ABO-type, Rh-type
Urinalysis Ph、Protein、Sugar Content、Occulf blood、Urobilinogen、Bilirubin、Urinary sediment
Rest electrocardiogram
ABI(Ankle Brechial pressure Index)- examination
Funduscopy ・Tonometry
Chest X-ray
CT Coronary angiography
CT Abdomen (Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas)
CT Pulmonary
Ultrasonography Abdomen
Thyroid glands
Carotid artery 
Renal artery

Gastroenterological examination
Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (※ can be changed to barium and pepsinogen test)  
Pepsinogen test    
Occult blood test  
Doctor's consult Doctors of medical exam and cardiology
※◎ is optional. ※You can stay at a Hotel instead of staying at the Hospital in two-day plan
※For those who need consulatation with another Doctor in addition to medical checkup Doctor, please contact us
※Translation of the result is optional. (The charge is not included.)