Guidance of the Hospitalization

Procedure of the Hospitalization

If there is hospitalization communication from a hospital, come to the hospital to reserved date and time and please check-in at a reception desk.
  • Next is necessary for a procedure of the hospitalization
Application of the hospitalization


General Ward

  • In the room, four room is a standard
  • There is a restroom near all rooms entrance
  • The washstand is set low to be easy to use for a person in a wheel chair

Special room (one room)

  • Available for 5,400yen per day
  • prefabricated bath, washstand, toilet, 20 type TV, refrigerator, kitchen sink, chair for visitors, telephone
  • Area: approximately 30m², the floor finishes it with a tile carpet

Private room (one room)

  • Available for 3,240yen per day
  • prefabricated shower, washstand, toilet, chair for visitors
  • Area: approximately 15m²
Please ask at a nurses' station for a special room or private room.


  • All the meals are prepared at the hospital
  • The serving time: breakfast 8:00hs, at lunch 12:00hs, at dinner 18:00hs.
  • The intake of a meal may be prohibited or have to wait by the need of treatment, please obey instructions in that case.
  • Because a diet (heart disease food, diabetes food, kidney disease food, liver disease food and etc.) is prepared depending on a symptom, Please do not consume the thing except the hospital diet
  • We prepare a selective menu for a patient of the staple food, rice porridge food in the hospital. If an application form arrives, please choose a prefer menu and submit it by the due date
  • Since a therapeutic diet is modified for each diseases, the registered dietician conducts dietary counseling individually.


  • Futon or the sheet will be prepared at a hospital
  • The hospital gown (pajama and etc.) is rentable for a fee 76 yen a day. From an aspect of the hygiene preservation, please use the clothes of hospital


  • A nurse takes care of you during hospitalization


  • The visiting hour is as follows
    Weekday: 15:00 ~ 20:00
    Saturday, Sunday and holiday: 13:00 ~ 20:00
*A person who comes to visit a patient should receive a visiting card at the front desk at the 1st floor and drop by the nurses' station in the ward before visiting the patient.
*Please refrain from visiting in many or with young children
*Please refrain from eating or drinking in the sickroom