Guidance of medical treatment facilities

Aim at "the medical care to go of the heart" that had both the latest hard and the best heart. The high medical care of the standard aims at "the medical care that the heart goes" to that valued the acquaintance (heart) with a person and the person with patient in anyone anytime by adopting the latest medical equipment and technique (hard) quickly at our hospital, and managing it because the realization of the received medical care system and mind and body have you be healthy together.

1F Emergency room

2F Cardiology center

3F Gastrointestinal Endoscopy center

4F Blood Purification center
Intensive care unit ICU / CCU / HCU / Recovery room / Pacemaker / Cardiac defibrillator / Blood gas analysis /IABP / PCPS
Department Radiology X-ray / X-ray TV device/ Mobile X-ray device/ Surgical imaging / dental device/ breast device/ MDCT (64ch, 8ch) / MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging device 1.5T, two devices)/ Digital angiophotography, four devices/ RI device
Clinical Laboratory examination Automatic clinical laboratory analyzer / Automatic cell counter / Immunity ・ Infectious disease autoanalyzer / Equipment of HbA1c measurement / Automatic blood gas analyzer / All automatic solidification measuring equipment / Osmometer
Pathology room Autopsy room / Pathologic examination room / Sample room
Physiological function test department Ultrasonic diagnostic equipment / Electroencephalograph / Phonocardiograph / Electrocardiograph / Polygraph / Pulmonary function measuring equipment / Cardiac Catheter room / ERG / EMG / 24 hours electrocardiograph analyzer / Equipment of ABI measurement
Endoscopy room Electronic endoscope (windpipe, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, large intestine, biliary tract) X-rays TV device
Operation room Central Sterile Supply room Operation room (1 room 1000class, 5 room 10000class) autoclave / EOG sterilization device / ultrasonic cleaning device / laparoscope / surveillance intraoperative monitoring system / elctrocautery / anesthesia machine / artificial heart-lung machine device
Rehabilitation center Therapeutic ultrasound machine / Whirlpool Bath / low frequency electric therapy equipment / Hot pack
Hemodialysis center 41 beds of Dialysis devices
Hyperbaric oxygenation room 1 Hyperbaric oxygenation device

64 ch CT scan (Philips corporation)

Angiography (Philips corporation)