• Can I make an appointment?
  • At our hospital, we do not make any appointment except for follow-up patients. As patients with appointments are prioritized, please understand your waiting time will be very long (approx. 3–4 hours). If you would like to make an appointment for a follow-up consultation, please ask the doctor directly at your first consultation, or you can make it via phone or email()at 13:00–16:30 from Mondays to Fridays. Please remember it will be the first visit if you would like to see a doctor at a different department you have never visited. Although we do not make any appointment for first-visit patients in principle, please contact International Medical Support Office if the length of your stay is limited.
  • Can you issue medical certificates?
  • Yes, we can. However, please be informed that we cannot issue it on the same day of your visit in principle, and will charge you the issuing fee. If you would like to receive by post, we will also charge you the postal fee. Please check the details below.

    Required Time for Issuing

    Japanese: 2 weeks, English/Chinese/Russian: 3 weeks

    How to Apply

    1. If you are at the hospital, please ask the staff at the reception or the International Medical Support Office. We will hand an application form to you.

    2. If you apply after returning to home or your country, please visit the hospital or contact us via phone or email (). For those whom apply after going back to their countries, we issue the certificate after confirming the remittance of the fee. We will also ask you to bear any transfer fee.

    *We will send you a confirmation email after receiving an email of application. If you do not hear any from us within 3 days, please contact us via phone.

    How to Receive

    1. Visiting hospital, via post, or via email

    *If you would like to receive via post, we will send it by EMS. In addition to the cost for medical certificate, postage according to the rate schedule by country will be required to pay.

  • I cannot speak Japanese.
  • At our hospital, there are several in-house language support staff in addition to the staff at the International Medical Support Office; also, we provide patients an operative interpreter service with electronic device. If you require language support, please ask the staff at the reception when you visit. Concerning available languages or service hours, please check here or contact us directly.
  • Can I pay by credit card?
  • Yes, we accept the following: JCB, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, AEON, NISSENREN, UFJ, NICOS, DC, J-Debit, and UnionPay. For withdrawal, you can use an ATM located in LAWSON at the hospital (only Japanese card accepted). For withdrawal with international card, please ask the staff at the International Medical Support Office.
  • Can I pay through travel insurance (cashless treatment)?
  • In principle, we ask patients to pay at their own expense. Please make a claim to your insurance company directly after returning to your home (country). However, we can issue medical certificate which you may need for the claim (Note: We cannot issue on the same day of your visit, and it will be charged.). For further details, please check here. If your insurance company has an alliance with our hospital, you may receive a cashless treatment. Please ask and check to your insurance company before your visit.
  • Can I ask for second opinion?
  • Yes, you can. ¥10,000+tax will be required as a second opinion fee.
  • I want to get treatment at your hospital.
  • If you would like to undergo continuous treatment at our hospital, please contact us first as we need to check if we are capable for your treatment. Since the number of inquiries about treatment is increasing recently, we will also ask you for ¥11,000 (tax included) as an inquiry fee. *Inquiry at here refers to the procedure which is accompanied by your admission from overseas; there is no fee for general inquiries. We will inform you in advance in case any inquiry fee will be charged.


    After confirming the remittance of inquiry fee, we will ask you to send us your past medical history or images so that our doctors will decide if we are able to treat you. When your admission and treatment at our hospital is decided and if you apply for a “medical visa” to Japanese embassy or consulate, please take contact with a registered guarantor (medical coordinators etc.) listed on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Our hospital is unable to be a guarantor for the application for “medical visa”.
  • I want to receive dialysis treatment.
  • As we need to check if the treatment is possible, please make sure you contact us one month before your preferred date in advance. We will ask you to send documents such as a blood test result as needed. Also, please be informed that you cannot receive dialysis without any appointment.
Hospital Services
  • Do you have a car park?
  • Although we have a toll car park, this is for “outpatients” in principle as the number of cars it can accommodate is limited. We kindly ask to use transportations to hospitalized patients or visitors.
    Parking Fee
    Outpatients: Free up to 8 hours (¥100 per exit after that)
    Called by Hospital: No charge
    Inpatients or Visitors: ¥100 per hour (¥700 maximum per day)
    Others: ¥300 per an hour (¥1,000 maximum per day)
  • Do you have any shops or cafeterias?
  • There is a shop (LAWSON) at the first floor (Opening hours: 7:30–21:00, 365days), but not cafeteria. However, attendants of hospitalized patients can buy meal tickets from the shop and have hospital meals.
  • Is there bank or post office?
  • Although there are no independent ones, there are ATM and postal service called Yu-Pack at the hospital shop (LAWSON). They are available during opening hours (7:30–21:00, 365days).
  • Do you have a nursing room?
  • Yes, we have. It is near the Otolaryngology (Ear, nose, and throat department) on the first floor.
  • Laundry facilities
  • As part of the infection control policies, washing machines have been uninstalled. We refer you to a laundry service provider if you would like to do the wash (payment will be required). Please ask the ward staff.
  • Do you have free Wi-Fi?
  • Yes, it is available in both outpatient and inpatient wards.
  • Are there any accommodations near the hospital?
  • Yes, there is. We refer you to Hotel Yukita.
    Hotel Yukita Sapporo
    Postal Code: 007-0836
    3-15, Kita 36-jo Higashi 15-chome, Higashi-ku, Sapporo
    TEL: +81-11-751-3500