Medical Check-Up

Comprehensive Medical Health Check-Up

Our hospital provides one-day and two-day medical check-up courses, equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and staffed by well-trained healthcare specialists.  Even if you are active and vibrant, with no particular symptoms,  it is always a good idea to do an annual comprehensive medical health check-up . We strongly recommend an annual medical checkup if you are 40 years old or over.

If You Are Considering to Take Medical Health Check-Up

We recommend that you contact us earlier than a month before you wish to do a comprehensive medical health check-up.


Please check the following, “Information and Notes for Medical Check-Up Appointments” and “Medical Check-Up Course Menu” for more details. Please use the inquiry form if you have any questions or you wish to make an appointment


*・Please prepare an interpreter if necessary for yourself. (Please let us know in advance if you wish to use a remote interpretor through an electronic device which is different from a translation device like a mobile phone.)

-Only after full payment is completed will your health check-up be confirmed

Our Medical Check-Up Features
  • State-of-the art medical equipment and services

  • Comfortable and relaxing atmosphere



CT Scan










Endoscopy Room



Required Time for Medical Check-Up
Course Required Length of Time
(1) One-Day A Approx. 8 hrs
(2) One-Day B Approx. 8 hrs
(3) One-Day A with PET-CT Day 1: Approx. 8 hrs
Day 2: Approx. 4 hrs (We will inform you of your check-in time.)
(4) One-Day B with PET-CT Day 1: Approx. 8 hrs
Day 2: Approx. 4 hrs (We will inform you of your check-in time.)
(5) PET-CT  Approx. 4 hrs (To know start time, please contact us.)

*The required length of time may vary. 


How to Make an Appointment

Please read and check "Information and Notes on Scheduling an Appointment for Medical Check-Up"

Specific Health Checkup (TokuToku Kenshin)

Our hospital provides interpretation assistance for residents in Sapporo who wish to have a Specific Health Checkup. Please take this opportunity to maintain a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.



Sapporo residents enrolled in the Japanese National Health Insurance System (Kokumin Kenko Hoken) who are 40 years old or over.



As per the fee schedule set by Sapporo City


Procedures for Taking a Checkup:

Please contact us by phone or email for an appointment after you receive your Specific Health Checkup Card from Sapporo City. The Checkup Card can be used only once before it expires.


What to Bring with You on the Day of the Appointment:

Residence card (Zairyu card), National health insurance card (Kokumin Kenko Hokensho), Specific Health Checkup Card, and Checkup report from the previous year (if taken before)


Checkup Results:

A report will be issued in Japanese. Translation is available for an additional charge.

For More Information
  • Click here (Japanese) to know more about the Specific Health Checkup (TokuToku Kenshin)
  • For more detailed information about the Specific Health Checkup Card (from Sapporo City website):    English  /  Chinese